Review #1 – By David Ray, President, The Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg

David Ray at the opening Harmony show

Chris Huang’s “Harmony” exhibit presents powerful combinations of figurative imagery and design. Her artistic purpose is informed by the combination of three religions that comprise her personal practice of faith: Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. As a representation of the exhibit’s artistic purpose, Huang creates the hanzi “Hé” that is itself a combination of three individual words (People, One, and Voice) to create one profound word. Within each of the first, second, and third design readings, these strong combinations are present in Huang’s beautifully designed digital paintings.

The first reading of each piece presents properly arranged elements, which provide for clear overall design. The balanced and central alignment of each of Huang’s pieces creates order, organization, and allows for a visual connection between images. Each work is balanced and grounded with geometric structure and stability. The design elements are visually unified, combining to support the exhibit’s overarching theme of “Harmony.”

The second reading presents figures that are the clear focal point within the visual field. Beautifully and skillfully painted, the importance of the figures is presented through contrasts and combinations of color, value, size, and position.

In the third reading, artistic details have a parallel to prayer, creating a feeling of spiritual movement, repetition, and rhythm.
The details in Huang’s paintings combine to strengthen the design by bringing together and harmonizing individual elements. Huang is purposeful in her use of similarity to create continuity throughout her paintings while allowing for the different preferences of current and future viewers. Although similar, figures may be assigned different appearances in facial features, hand-held objects, and color to serve different beliefs.

The “Harmony” exhibit is breathtakingly beautiful and is an outward and honorable gift. Created today in a digital vector format, it combines timelessness with the present.
Huang’s art is holy art.


Review #2 – By William Carson, Ph.D., Linguist and Religionist

Dr. William Carson and Artist Chris Huang

Chris is an inspirational artist. She combines the digital and traditional world to make art treasures available to all people. She uplifts the human spirit with her with her paintings of sacred beings from diverse spiritual traditions: Taoist, Buddhist, as well as Hindu. Her artistic treasures have uplifted my spirit and connected me to the world of the divine

Chris takes the trinities of these religion: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, the Taoist three pure ones, Shakamuni, Amitabha and the Medicine Master. We see the unity in diversity that brings these wonderful sacred traditions together. She uses sacred colors and symbols to reflect the divine virtues of each divinity. Each deity has a halo or light around it to reflect the universal presence of the divine source.

When you observe her sacred images, you can reflect on the blessings generated by each image. The gentle eyes and hand gestures give us a feeling of peace and healing. The artwork can be used in personal devotions or in a temple setting. You smell the sacred essence and incense flowing from the art. Her art transports you to the ancient east and its contemporary flavor and inspiration.